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Afterword & Acknowledgement: Forward Singapore, Together

Thank you for being part of the Forward Singapore exercise.

Sixteen months ago, we came together to relook and refresh our social compact for an increasingly volatile and uncertain world.

When crises and setbacks happen, our faith and trust in one another will be tested. But if we know that we can lean on one another, we can put aside doubts and forge ahead more confidently.

Through this Forward SG exercise, we asked ourselves two key questions:

• What do we want the future Singapore to look like?

• What will it take for us to get there?

Our engagements with more than 200,000 Singaporeans affirmed that the Singapore we want is a society that is:

Vibrant and Inclusive, with opportunities for all to learn, explore and pursue diverse pathways, and where everyone will be respected and valued.

Fair and Thriving, with the assurance that everyone will be well taken care of, no one will be left behind, and where all can pursue a fulfilling and dignified life.

Resilient and United, with all Singaporeans coming together to care for one another and build our shared future together.

To make this happen, the Government will play a bigger role to support Singaporeans in their pursuits and aspirations. But everyone else in society — from employers, to community groups, families and individuals — can, and should, also contribute towards this collective effort.

The previous chapters have outlined areas where we think change has to happen:

• Chapter 2: Embracing learning beyond grades so that we strive to learn and improve throughout our lives.

• Chapter 3: Respecting and rewarding every job so that we create diverse pathways for Singaporeans to be the best version of themselves.

• Chapter 4: Supporting families through every stage of life so that we create a conducive environment for families to thrive.

• Chapter 5: Enabling our seniors to age well so that everyone can retire with peace of mind, and enjoy meaningful and healthy golden years.

• Chapter 6: Empowering those in need so that Singapore provides opportunities for all, regardless of starting points, through a better system of social support.

• Chapter 7: Investing in our shared tomorrow so that we can meet both present and future needs, by stewarding our resources responsibly and sustainably.

• Chapter 8: Doing our part as one united people so that we can build our collective strength as a society to contribute towards our shared future.

Underpinning all this is an emphasis on the ‘we’ and not just the ‘I’. In our next phase of nation building, we hope that every one of us will step forward and do more for one another.

Through Forward SG, we have sought to distil the perspectives and hopes of our fellow Singaporeans, and to set out a roadmap for our way forward as a nation.

Together, we can seize the opportunities ahead with confidence, while having a stronger sense of assurance and security that we will always have each other’s backs.

Together, we can build our shared future, and make Singapore our best home.


The Forward SG agenda was developed together with the people of Singapore.

We deeply appreciate everyone who played a part in shaping the process and outcome of the exercise.

• The over 35,000 Singaporeans who participated in Forward SG engagements and partnerships.
• The over 165,000 Singaporeans who contributed views and ideas through surveys, roadshows and other digital platforms

We would like to say a special thanks to the following partners that contributed valuable insights and/or helped to organise Forward SG events and engagements.

1. *SCAPE Co. Ltd

2. A Good Space

3. Acorn Training Pte Ltd

4. Ageless Bicyclist

5. Agency for Integrated Care

6. Alliance for Action for Local Produce Demand Offtake and Consumer Education

7. Alliance for Action for Lower-Wage Workers

8. Alliance for Action on Norms for Joss Paper Burning

9. AWWA Ltd

10. Berkeley Club of Singapore

11. Blangah Rise Primary School

12. Bosses Network

13. Business China

14. CampusImpact

15. CapitaLand Group Pte Ltd

16. Care Corner Singapore

17. Chinese Development Assistance Council

18. Community Advisory Panel on Neighbourhood Noise

19. Community Foundation of Singapore

20. Council for Third Age

21. DBS Bank Ltd

22. Dementia Singapore

23. Disabled People’s Association

24. Dunman High School

25. Engineering Good

26. Eurasian Association, Singapore

27. Friendzone SG

28. Geylang Methodist School (Secondary)

29. Grace Mission

30. Harvard Kennedy School Singapore Policy Journal

31. Hayaa’ Network

32. Human Capital Leadership Institute

33. Inclus

34. Institute of Human Resource Professionals

35. Institute of Policy Studies

36. Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants

37. Institute of Technical Education

38. Kampong Gelam Alliance

39. LEAP201

40. Lendlease Global Commercial REIT

41. Lighthouse School

42. M3

43. Mandai Wildlife Group

44. Mee Toh School

45. Methodist Welfare Services

46. Microsoft Singapore

47. Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore

48. Muscular Dystrophy Association Singapore

49. Muslim Youth Forum Singapore

50. Nanyang Polytechnic

51. Nanyang Technological University

52. National Gallery Singapore

53. National Trades Union Congress

54. National University of Singapore

55. National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre

56. Ng Teng Fong General Hospital and Jurong Community Hospital

57. Ngee Ann Polytechnic

58. Overseas-Chinese Banking Corporation

59. OneService Kakis Network

60. Parent Support Groups from various schools

61. Pei Hwa Secondary School

62. Punggol Shore Urban Farm

63. Racial & Religious Harmony Circles

64. Republic Polytechnic

65. Rosyth School

66. RSVP Singapore, The Organisation of Senior Volunteers

67. Runninghour

68. School of Concepts

69. School of the Arts, Singapore

70. Seng Kang Primary School

71. Seoul Garden

72. SG Bono

73. SG Cares Volunteer Centres

74. SG Enable

75. Silver Generation Office

76. Singapore Art Museum

77. Singapore Association of Motion Picture Professionals

78. Singapore Business Federation

79. Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry

80. Singapore Disability Sports Council

81. Singapore Environment Council

82. Singapore Green Building Council

83. Singapore Human Resource Institute

84. Singapore Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

85. Singapore Indian Development Association

86. Singapore Institute of Management

87. Singapore Institute of Technology

88. Singapore International Chamber of Commerce

89. Singapore Leaders Network

90. Singapore Malay Chamber of Commerce and Industry

91. Singapore Management University

92. Singapore National Co-operative Federation

93. Singapore National Employers Federation

94. Singapore Polytechnic

95. Singapore Scout Association

96. Singapore Sports School Board

97. Singapore University of Social Sciences

98. Singapore University of Technology and Design

99. Singapore Telecommunications Limited

100. SMRT Corporation Ltd

101. SPD

102. Special Olympics Singapore

103. Spectra Secondary School

104. St Andrew’s Autism Centre

105. Swimrific

106. Tak Takut Kids Club by 3Pumpkins

107. Team Nila

108. Temasek Polytechnic

109. The Association of Small & Medium Enterprises

110. The Esplanade Co Ltd

111. The Singapore Association for the Deaf

112. Tsao Foundation

113. UOL-Pan Pacific Hotels Group

114. Utama

115. Woodlands Health

116. Yayasan Mendaki

We also thank all public service agencies, grassroots volunteers, facilitators, note-takers, committee members and everyone who devoted your time, energy and talents to the Forward SG journey.



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