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Our New Way Forward

The ideas from Forward SG provide a roadmap for our next chapter of the Singapore Story. Together, we can look ahead with confidence, and contribute actively towards our shared future.

The Forward SG exercise brought over 200,000 Singaporeans together over the last 16 months, to discuss issues ranging from careers to ageing, as well as environmental sustainability.

Forward SG builds on the ideas gathered and partnerships developed across various engagements in recent years, including the Singapore Together Emerging Stronger Conversations, the Conversations on Singapore Women’s Development, and the Long-Term Plan Review, among others.

• Reflecting our diverse society, we often encountered differences in views and perspectives during our discussions. The issues we face are complex; some solutions may benefit one group but disadvantage another.

• But these hard conversations were important. They highlighted the trade-offs involved in policy making and the importance of listening to diverse views to find common ground.

• The conversations enabled us to reflect on and affirm the core principles and fundamentals we should continue to uphold. We also recognised that there were areas where existing approaches had to be refreshed in light of changing circumstances.

Across the Forward SG engagements, Singaporeans shared that they wanted a society that is:

Vibrant and Inclusive, filled with opportunities for all to learn and progress across diverse pathways, and where everyone is valued and respected for who they are, and what they do.

Fair and Thriving, where Singaporeans are assured of access to basic needs through every life stage, and can pursue fulfilling and dignified lives, with more help given to fellow citizens with less.

Resilient and United, with a strong sense of shared identity and collective responsibility amongst all Singaporeans to do their part for the common good, and for future generations.

To achieve this, all members of society will have to do their part. The Government will do more to provide opportunities and assurance, while people, community and businesses will contribute in their own ways. The Forward SG Report outlines the shifts and the areas of focus, whereby working together, we can create the Singapore we envision.



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