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Embracing Learning Beyond Grades

So that we strive to learn and improve throughout our lives.

Education has been at the heart of Singapore’s remarkable transformation. Our approach to education and learning is widely recognised as one of the best in the world. Unfortunately, we have also seen mounting anxiety about exam scores and pressure to get into the ‘right’ schools.

Our vision is to embrace learning beyond grades — education and learning should empower us to fulfil our potential and pursue our dreams. We must also continue to evolve, to ensure that our people can navigate a world of rapid global and technological changes. Beyond the first 15 years of education, we must prepare Singaporeans for changes over the next few decades of life.

To achieve this, we will need to work hand-in-hand with individuals, communities and industry partners to do more in the following areas:

Give every child a good start

• We will continue to improve access to affordable and quality preschools.

• We ask this of parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and any adult who cares for our children: play a part in building our children’s life skills beyond academics, and inculcate in them a love for learning.

• We will work with community partners to pay special attention to children from lower-income families, so we can give them a strong start in life (more in Chapter 6).

More diverse pathways to develop every student to their full potential

• We will continue to offer varied pathways and customised learning experiences to support students’ diverse potential, including through Full Subject-Based Banding, Direct School Admission, new technologies, and support for students with Special Educational Needs.

• We will also strengthen partnerships between schools, community and industry partners to give our students more opportunities to explore niche areas of interest.

• We will shift away from an excessive focus on academics towards more holistic learning based on our children’s strengths, interests and chosen pathways. We ask for everyone’s support in this endeavour.

Beyond school, pursue lifelong learning

• We will make SkillsFuture a key pillar of our social compact. We will invest in a significant package to help mature mid-career Singaporeans re-skill and upskill.

• We ask that employers create a supportive environment for upskilling and for everyone to take ownership of our own lifelong learning.

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