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Empowering Those in Need

So that opportunities are provided for all, regardless of starting points

Singapore’s approach towards social support has evolved over the years, as the Government continues to do more to support disadvantaged and vulnerable groups.

However, the challenges of social mobility and inequality will get tougher as our society develops. We need to address these challenges to ensure that Singapore remains a society that provides opportunities for all, regardless of our starting points.

To achieve this, we will further strengthen our social support system by shifting our approach from social assistance to social empowerment. We will do more in the following areas:

Uplift lower-income families towards sustained progress

• We will provide additional support through ComLink+, which will be tied to progress on specific action plans that the families take responsibility for.

• We ask that businesses and communities contribute financial resources, volunteer their time, or offer other support in-kind to help lower-income families.

• We urge Singaporeans from lower-income families to make use of available support so that, together with their hard work and effort, they can sustain progress in improving their life circumstances.

Close early gaps for children from lower-income families

• We will make preschool education more affordable and accessible to children from lower-income families. Preschool operators will also be better resourced to support these children.

• We will better support parents in nurturing their children’s development.

• We ask that parents continue to do their best to create a safe and conducive home environment, nurture their children’s development, and keep their children enrolled and regularly attending preschool.

Make Singapore a more inclusive society for persons with disabilities (PwDs)

• We will strengthen lifelong learning for PwDs, enable them to live independently and create more inclusive environments for them to live in.

• We will empower PwDs to make full use of the opportunities and amenities provided for them to participate in and contribute to our society.

• We ask that Singaporeans, businesses, and the community also play their part in building a fairer and more inclusive society for PwDs.

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