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Investing in Our Shared Tomorrow

By stewarding our resources responsibly and sustainably

Our social compact is an intergenerational one. We have inherited a strong, prospering Singapore from previous generations. We will need to continue stewarding our limited resources sustainably, to deal with the challenges of today, and provide a strong foundation for the future.

Manage our limited land and environmental resources

• We will continue to recycle and refresh limited land resources through schemes, such as Voluntary Early Redevelopment Scheme, to respond to evolving needs.

• We will work with businesses and industry partners to move towards more sustainable business models and to seize opportunities in the low-carbon economy. Read more about how our businesses will be supported in the transition to a more sustainable future.

• We ask that all Singaporeans — including individuals, families and business owners — do their part to adopt more environmentally sustainable practices and work with us towards a more climate-resilient future.

Strengthen our food and water security

• We are investing in our infrastructure to meet future water demand and build resilience amidst the effects of climate change.

• On food, we will continue to diversify our food import sources, build our stockpiling capabilities and work closely with the agri-food industry to scale up local production.

• We ask that Singaporean consumers and businesses actively do their part to conserve water, and support our local agri-food industry by purchasing more local produce.

Uphold fiscal prudence and responsibility

• We will continue to manage our public finances responsibly, ensure sufficient revenues to cover our spending, and keep our fiscal system fair and progressive.

• We ask that all Singaporeans continue to think long term so we leave behind a Singapore that can continue to thrive for generations to come.

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