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Doing Our Part as One United People

So that we can build our collective strength as a society for our shared future

The collective strength of our society depends on how well we care for each other, and how united we are as one people. Every one of us should know and feel that we have a stake in our society.

To facilitate Singaporeans', businesses' and the community’s contribution towards our shared future, we will step up efforts in the following areas:

Give back to our society

• We ask that Singaporeans step forward to give back to our society, especially those who have done well and benefited from the system. We can do so through financial donations, contributing our knowledge and experience, or working with community organisations.

• We will better connect donors to the needs of local communities and less privileged groups, while strengthening charities’ capabilities to manage philanthropic contributions.

• We ask that businesses continually invest in their employees and staff, and provide a work environment that enables them to thrive. We also hope that businesses can do more to give back to the community.

Strengthen our Singaporean identity

• We will continue to encourage more interactions between different groups, and expand our common ground and distinctive Singaporean identity.

• We call for Singaporeans to take conscious and deliberate steps towards appreciating, understanding and valuing other cultures and traditions.

• We ask that communities do their part to promote interactions between different groups of Singaporeans, to encourage the participation in racial harmony programmes in the community.

Take collective action towards our shared future

• We will empower Singaporeans to take individual and collective actions to contribute to our shared future. This will be done through existing platforms and new civic participation programmes, as well as the soon-to-be established Singapore Government Partnerships Office.

• We call for Singaporeans to take part in these programmes and contribute by resolving issues and challenges, together.

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