1.      As part of Forward Singapore’s Empower pillar, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) and the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) have been engaging various worker segments, employers, unions, trade associations, and the community to refresh our social compact on jobs and the economy. 

2. Besides face-to-face engagements, we also encourage Singaporeans to share their views via a digital questionnaire at Minister for Manpower & Second Minister for Trade and Industry Dr Tan See Leng shared these points today at an engagement session with more than 60 Professionals, Managers and Executives. 

3. Led by Dr Tan See Leng, National Trades Union Congress Secretary-General Mr Ng Chee Meng, and Senior Minister of State for Manpower & Sustainability and the Environment Dr Koh Poh Koon, the Empower pillar focuses on bringing the whole of society together in three key areas:

a. Create more opportunities and provide stronger assurance for all throughout life: Building a strong economy with good jobs for Singaporeans, while providing them with opportunities to continually move up in life, no matter their talent, aspirations or starting points. This could include uplifting workers who engage in “hands-on” or technical roles. As a society, we have a role to play too, for example, be willing to pay higher fees to properly recognise the value of such work.

b. Empower Singaporeans to take charge of and improve their career health: Enabling Singaporeans to keep up our “Career Health” by investing in lifelong learning and taking proactive steps towards achieving longer-term career goals. This is analogous to an individual taking active steps to keep healthy rather than only when sick. For example, we are looking at providing Singaporeans with personalised insights on suitable job opportunities, as well as helping them chart out career and training pathways to get there.

c. Strengthen support to help workers bounce back from setbacks: Providing support for displaced workers, and matching them with suitable new opportunities. The goal is help as many displaced workers as we can bounce back through effective and persistent job search and training.

4. At the Empower pillar’s engagements over the past few months, there has been broad consensus on the need for everyone to contribute to a society with opportunities. As individuals and workers, with the support of unions, we need to upskill, embrace learning opportunities, and take charge of our careers. To maximise these efforts, employers need to invest more in training and structured career planning for their employees. At the same time, the Government will continue to create conditions for a strong and vibrant economy, and develop policies, frameworks and legislation to provide good opportunities and support for Singaporeans. 

5. The Empower pillar will deliver on opportunities and assurance for all throughout life. To make this a reality, Singaporeans must come together in solidarity and recognise that everyone has a responsibility in shaping the collective outcomes under the Empower pillar. 

6. MOM and MTI will continue to engage Singaporeans from all walks of life as part of the Empower pillar engagements.For more information on Forward Singapore, or to sign up for opportunities to be involved, please visit

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