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To truly become ‘one united people’, we must be active citizens in shaping our shared future together. The Government will play a key role in this process. We will do so by listening, actively seeking inputs, and engaging and working closely with all stakeholders and partners.

  • This Forward SG exercise itself is the product of the Government’s partnership and co-creation process with Singaporeans from all walks of life. It builds on a rich tradition of national dialogues conducted over the years. These dialogues have strengthened the Government’s engagement and partnership with Singaporeans. They have enabled the Government to better understand Singaporeans’ priorities and hopes for the future, at each major milestone of our nation’s development. Read more on Singapore Government Partnerships Office.
  • We continue to remain open to feedback and ideas. We welcome more inputs so that we can continually re-examine assumptions, review current policies, and consider better solutions to advance the interests of Singapore and Singaporeans.
  • We will provide more platforms for individuals and groups to contribute their views and ideas. In May 2023, we launched youth panels, to give young people the opportunity to play an active role in co-creating and reviewing policies. The inaugural youth panels will look into financial security, careers and lifelong learning, digital well-being, and environment and sustainability. We look forward to hearing their policy recommendations.
  • We want more Singaporeans to get involved in supporting their fellow citizens and shaping the character and life of the places they live in. It could be through looking out for an elderly neighbour who is living on their own, providing useful feedback on municipal services through the OneService app, or designing and co-creating a new playground or amenity in the neighbourhood. These are all concrete ways in which each of us can contribute.
  • We recognise that there are some areas where it may be better for the Government to step back and allow more space for citizen participation. We will therefore introduce new ways to promote civic participation. We will also support more ground-up efforts by Singaporeans to shape and improve their communities.
  • We will establish the Singapore Government Partnerships Office (SGPO) to take the lead in engaging and partnering Singaporeans. The SGPO will facilitate interactions between contributing citizens and the relevant government agencies, and strengthen partnerships to shape a better Singapore.
  • We hope that Singaporeans make full use of the available programmes and platforms to do their part to care for and give back to our society. Every voice and every step counts towards strengthening our solidarity as a people. When we do our part, we will build a stronger, more resilient and more united Singapore.

*16 Feb 2024 Update - Check out the Budget Booklet for a summary of the measures announced at Budget 2024.


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