My Forward SG Idea - Naresh, Syafiqa and Reuben

Ideas by Forward Singapore participants

 My Forward Singapore Idea - S. Narresh Babu

 FOR A MORE INCLUSIVE SOCIETY - There should be more wheelchair-friendly options at venues for work, play and learning. For example, malls can install portable metal ramps to be laid out when necessary.
 CREATE A FLEXIBLE WORK CULTURE - More employers should offer flexible working arrangements for those with accessibility issues. For example, data analytics is a deskbound job. If we have the skills although the office is not wheelchair-friendly, give us the option to work from home, and not reject our application.
 CHANGE MINDSETS - Employers can be more open-minded towards persons of disability. Most of us have the mental capacity to do more than simple data-entry work. Consider our applications based on our formal training, and individual passions.

 MY DREAM FOR THE FUTURE - I dream of making my own ice-cream, and starting an F&B business. But many such courses do not have wheelchair-accessible facilities. For a truly inclusive society, I believe concessions should be made for the wheelchair-bound for most, if not all activities.




 My Forward Singapore Idea - Nana Syafiqa
 BE FINANCIALLY RESPONSIBLE - The responsible thing to do as a citizen, is to take care of your own finances. It is unfair to expect government assistance when there are others who are truly trapped in the poverty cycle.
 THE IMPORTANCE OF PLANNING AHEAD - I've seen many who have no savings nor financial plans but complain about the high cost of living. Everyone should set aside emergency savings and establish long-term financial plans.
 PLAN YOUR WILL EARLY - In Asia, death is a taboo subject. But the elderly should also plan their wills early, while they are mentally sound, so as to ensure that their beneficiaries are well taken care of and not burdened with uncertainty and confusion.
 CREATING MORE SUPPORT FOR CAREGIVERS - There should also be more resources to support caregivers in helping their charge manage end-of-life financial matters.




 My Forward Singapore Idea - Reuben Tan
 WHAT SINGAPOREANS CAN DO TO REFRESH OUR SOCIAL COMPACT - Each of us should be curious enough to continuously learn and take initiative to share knowledge with our communities. Host seminars, interest groups, brown bag sessions. You'll never know when an interest can develop into a useful skillset,
 ANOTHER IDEA. - Continuous upskilling opportunities are crucial. My work requires me to be constantlv updated on technologies. While individuals should be self-motivated, companies should also support workers and provide training opportunities.

 MY WAY OF MAKING A DIFFERENCE. - As a bursary recipient for my education, I've benefited from the community and I'm now committed to giving back. Apart from doing good volunteer work can be fun. Such activities keep me going,

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