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What Forward Singapore means for you as a Youth 

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On education

  • We have broadened aptitude-based admissions to autonomous universities so other factors beyond grades, such as interest and aptitude, can be taken into account.
  • We will develop more partnerships between schools to give students access to a wider range of opportunities. For a start, schools can partner each other for Co-Curricular Activities CCAs, Values-in-Action programmes, and other holistic development programmes. Schools located near each other can also work together as a cluster to set up partnerships.
  • Students should keep an open mind and be ready to learn from the world beyond Singapore, including through overseas exposure and interactions with friends from overseas in our schools.


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On narrowing the income gap of fresh graduates

  • We will also pay more attention to uplifting the prospects of our young Institute of Technical Education (ITE) graduates. We are especially concerned about the growing gaps between the starting salaries of graduates from ITE and that of graduates from polytechnics and autonomous universities.
  • These salary gaps can be narrowed over time if ITE graduates upgrade and refresh their skills. Many already do so by getting a diploma or more in their working years. This enables them to secure better career prospects with higher salaries.
  • We want to encourage and enable more ITE graduates to upskill and upgrade early, and give greater recognition to those who do so. We will study how we can help younger ITE upgraders defray the costs of obtaining a diploma. When they graduate, we can also top up their Central Provident Fund to give them a head start to purchase a home, or save for their retirement.

Doing our part as one united people

We also encourage you to consider your roles and responsibilities towards your community and fellow Singaporeans. Head to I am interested in giving back as an individual for more details.

*16 Feb 2024 Update - Check out the Budget Booklet for a summary of the measures announced at Budget 2024.


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