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Start your ground-up initiatives to address municipal issues through Love Our 'Hood Fund!

By Municipal Services Office

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Keen to develop and implement your idea to address municipal issues such as cleanliness, neighbourhood noise, corridor clutter in your neighbourhood? The Municipal Services Office (MSO) can support and fund your initiative through the Love Our ‘Hood Fund. We cover up to 80% of your approved expenditure, capped at $20,000! Get in touch with us at to find out more.


Love Our ‘Hood fund is a collaboration between MSO and MCCY to support grounds-up projects that addresses municipal issues and foster a stronger sense of community in our neighbourhoods. Learn more here.


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Ongoing | Till 31 May 2024
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Opportunities to participate

Discover the opportunities for you to play your part in building a better Singapore together.


My FSG Pledge - SGAssist

#MyFSGPledge - Adrian Tan and Greg Tan

Forward SG participants shares how they are committed to building a kinder and more generous Singapore.

My FSG Pledge - Sylvia Loh

#MyFSGPledge - Sylvia Loh

Forward SG participant shares how she is giving back to the community.

My FSG Pledge - Sherman Ho

#MyFSGPledge - Sherman Ho

Forward SG participant shares how he is making a positive difference in the community.

My FSG Pledge - Dieky Dzulkarnaen Deo

#MyFSGPledge - Dieky Dzulkarnaen Deo

Forward SG participant shares how he is taking steps towards a better and brighter Singapore.

My FSG Pledge - Louis Puah

#MyFSGPledge - Louis Puah

Forward SG participant shares how he is stepping up for our shared future.

My FSG Pledge - Noor Azhar

#MyFSGPledge - Noor Azhar

Forward SG participant shares how he is taking action towards building our shared future.