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By Smart Nation and Digital Government Office

Are you interested to help others understand and use tech for better work, life and play? Volunteer as a Smart Nation Ambassador for many opportunities to do just that!

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Smart Nation Ambassadors (SNAs) are volunteers who contribute their skills and experience to help the community, including seniors, embrace digital technologies. They participate in a range of volunteering opportunities such as events and roadshows to share tips with the public on digital government services such as Singpass and Scamshield, as well as provide community tours at Cityscape, a permanent showcase at URA Gallery.

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Discover the opportunities for you to play your part in building a better Singapore together.


My FSG Pledge - SGAssist

#MyFSGPledge - Adrian Tan and Greg Tan

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My FSG Pledge - Sylvia Loh

#MyFSGPledge - Sylvia Loh

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My FSG Pledge - Sherman Ho

#MyFSGPledge - Sherman Ho

Forward SG participant shares how he is making a positive difference in the community.

My FSG Pledge - Dieky Dzulkarnaen Deo

#MyFSGPledge - Dieky Dzulkarnaen Deo

Forward SG participant shares how he is taking steps towards a better and brighter Singapore.

My FSG Pledge - Louis Puah

#MyFSGPledge - Louis Puah

Forward SG participant shares how he is stepping up for our shared future.

My FSG Pledge - Noor Azhar

#MyFSGPledge - Noor Azhar

Forward SG participant shares how he is taking action towards building our shared future.